Monday, December 8, 2014

Ignoring the Lessons of My Mother...

Top of the evening all...

I had reserve duty yesterday and today.  I had breakfast yesterday morning before leaving Toronto at 5:30 AM.  Due to what turned out to be a hectic day, I barely had time for lunch.  I only ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I did not eat the two apples I had brought.  I did not eat any of my nutri-grain bars.  By the time the end of the day rolled around, I was pretty hungry.

When I go to the US, I always travel with a shopping list.  Since I know I am going to the supermarket, I never travel with anything more than my immediate lunch.

I got to the supermarket.  I bought the shopping list.  I picked up stuff for the rest of my meals.  Then I bought snacks.  There were cocoa-covered almonds.  They are yummy, and almonds are good for blood pressure concerns.  I bought honey-roasted sunflower seeds.  They are also yummy, and are packed with selenium.  I do not know what selenium does, but it has a cool name.  Jesse tells me that it is on the Periodic Table.  As there are sunflower seeds in front of me right now, I can happily tell you that it is also on the kitchen table.  I bought two bananas.  They were very appealing.

Now that I have returned to Toronto, I am forced to say that I did not eat everything that I purchased.

Mom's lesson: never go grocery shopping while hungry.

On the positive side, the list you see above is more or less healthy.  That is because I did not mention the bag of potato chips.

Have a good evening.


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