Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Nickel for Your Thoughts...

Top of the evening, o' loyal readers.

With the mint's decision to remove the penny from circulation, the cost of a single thought quintupled almost overnight, at least in Canada.  Luckily, those in the US can still get thoughts at the cheaper rate that has been around for well over a century.  

I have a question.

Over the last couple of years, my beloved bride (some of you read her blog) has been telling me to write a book.  I have started that project.

This week, a publisher contacted me after having read entries from my own blog.  She also thinks I should consider writing a book.

Given that the 30-ish followers of my blog may end up being the only purchasers of such a book, I am curious as to the following:

1.  Is my beloved bride on to something here?
2.  If I were to write a book, what subject interests all of you?

I generally like to receive comments on my blog.  At this time, I am respectfully requesting them.

Have a good evening.


1 comment:

  1. I think you and Rav Jen should write a book together. You could call it he said she said and make it funny stuff (since both of your are funny). All about couples and life from both your points of view. I think it would be a hit.