Monday, July 7, 2014

Those People Are Not My People...

Top of the evening everyone...

You are all aware by now of the goings-on here in Israel.  Three young boys were murdered by Palestinian terrorists.  In response, six Jews burned an Arab teenager to death.

Whatever is happening between Israel and the Palestinians will happen.  Kids should not be involved.

The six Jews who were arrested are appalling people (and I use the term loosely).  I would sooner spend my religious life with pagans then count these men as part of my minyan.

One of the rabbis in Judea or Shomron wrote that these six should be executed.  Israel has a death penalty.  It is only for crimes against humanity, and it has only been used once.  I hesitate to compare the crimes here to those of Eichman.

That being said, I understand the sentiment.  They killed a child in cold blood.  They did it in a way that was uncomfortably resonant of Eichman's crimes.  They placed a nation at risk.  They placed its population at risk (we are staying with Jennifer's cousin.  Their car was stoned the other night).   They set Israeli diplomatic efforts on all fronts back quite a bit.  I am annoyed also.

The young boy's name is Muhammed Abu Kheidr.  May his memory be a blessing for all who knew him.


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