Monday, June 30, 2014

Please Don't Tell the Rental Company...

Hi all...

I am assuming that most of you have seen at least one James Bond movie.  As such, you know a good car chase.  In some of those car chases, we see our hero driving down narrow streets.  There is room for the car, but the buildings are too close to the street to open the door.

Such was my life yesterday.

A turn we needed was not well-signed.  I missed it.  We went up to where I could take a left.  I took a left.  Then I took another left.  I took a right.  I might have gone straight.  I am not entirely sure.  Jennifer is absolutely certain that there is at least one turn I should have taken.  We did finally get back on course.

Later on in the day, it happened again.  We ended up taking a left into Meah She'arim.  Jennifer pulled  a shawl up over her shoulders.  I pulled up onto the sidewalk to avoid one parked car.  Again, the street was narrow.

The good news is that I successfully eluded the forces of SPECTRE.

On an aside, we took a cab yesterday.  He drove down a hill that looked straight down to me, head-on towards a car coming up that same hill.  They missed each other.  Keren ducked for this car ride, so that the police would not see a fifth person in the vehicle.

Signing off....

R/SCG 0018

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