Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In Israel with Gavi....

Shalom to all...

One of the things we have tried to do during our time of Israel is to speak a fair amount of Hebrew.  Keren is not totally thrilled.  Jesse is, but Gavi is hereby declared to be off the wall.  He has decided that he is not going to speak any English from now until our return flight is over the UK.

We tried initially last week.  The kids went in different directions at the Jerusalem zoo.  I followed Gavi. We spent a wonderful afternoon together at a very nice zoo.  He spoke only in Hebrew (needs work, but he is getting better).  He is really making an effort.

We went last night to a felafel stand.  I spoke with the man behind the counter and told him to speak to the kids only in simple Hebrew.  He was great.  As he was building their sandwiches, he would hold the tongs over an ingredient, and just say the word in Hebrew, giving the kids a visual and aural lesson.  

We will continue this effort.

Jesse is now with his brand new best friends.  We turned him over to USY last night.  He is now someone else's problem.  He was with one group for about 45 minutes before bedtime, and three hours before being shifted to another group.  The one group totally embraced him.  I so like youth groups.

Have a good night.


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