Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scenes from an Airport

Good evening everyone...

I am sitting here in Norfolk International Airport.  United Airlines did not think it necessary to have my luggage arrive on the same flight I did.

While I was sitting here, a woman in a bit of a rush pushed a cart past me.  The cart had several large boxes and was labelled as containing donor organs.  I asked her if she needed help.

Suddenly, the luggage does not seem quite as important.

This is a definite good news-bad news situation.  Obviously, someone just died.  On the other hand, someone else now has a chance at life.

Sign your donor cards.  I have done so.  I would be honoured to be a witness on your card.

Please note: there are no halakhic objections to this.  I do not know how it came to be that you have to be buried intact, but it is utter nonsense.  Not that it matters.  All commandments are suspended when saving a life anyway.

Have a good evening.


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  1. I have signed my donor card because I've seen a neighbour struggle while waiting for a kidney transplant. She passed away before getting one. I was under the impression that a Jewish person wasn't allowed to be an organ donor because you had to be buried whole. Maybe in one of your speeches you could mention this? Being a donor is so important and the more people who have signed their donor cards the better off people in need will be.