Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Can't Win...

Good evening all...

With all of the Jewish holidays falling in September, we were very excited that we would have good weather for Sukkot.  For those who do not know Sukkot, we build temporary booths in our yards, and we take our meals therein.  Evenings have been lovely.  Days...less so.

Why have days been less lovely?  I have never seen so many yellowjackets.  They were all over the sukkah.  They chased us inside.

I thought they liked beer.  So I had purchased remarkably bad beer to put some out for them.  Please note: they do not like beer.

They do like grape juice and honey.  My experiment has somewhat worked in this regard.  I put some honey in a wine bottle.  I now have about 50 yellowjackets captive.  I am not letting them go.

I had also put some grape juice in a plastic bottle.  It was possible to feel the buzzing through the bottle.

It is supposed to be cooler this week.  Perhaps they will all stay home.

Moadim l'Simchah.


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