Saturday, April 13, 2013

Who Do They Think They Are Anyway?!

Shavua tov to all...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  That is Latin for "who watches the watchpeople?"  It is an important question, pointing to the necessity of making sure that those in power do not assume absolute power.

In a democratic government, there are checks and balances between branches of the government, and a government that ultimately must answer to the people who put it in power in the first place.

Over the last several years, the group 'Anonymous' has decided that it is to be the guardian of all that is good and proper in the world.  On the off chance that some of my loyal readers are not aware of Anonymous, Anonymous is an amorphous group of expert computer hackers.  Its members are capable of hacking into the computer systems of others, stealing information, shutting down websites, etc.

During the 'Occupy' movement a couple of years ago, The city of Toronto finally decided it had to move the occupiers out of one of the city parks.  The good folks at Anonymous called it an 'interruption,' and vowed to remove Toronto from the internet.  They were unsuccessful.

Last week, they made an unsuccessful attempt to remove Israel from the internet due to what Anonymous perceived as Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

Who made them judge, jury, and executioner?  Who made them the sole arbitrators of right and wrong in the world?  By what right do the folks of Anonymous remove anyone from the internet?

Furthermore, by not showing their faces, they are becoming like those they supposedly protest.  By not letting us know who they are, they have become a shadow government to which the world must answer.  In effect, they seek to become an unelected world dictatorship, with the power to decide policy for anyone, subject to their own whims.

I doubt that my blog is worthy of the attention of Anonymous.  On the off chance that it is, I challenge someone from that group to do two things:

1.  Show your face.  If you are so certain that Anonymous is always in the right, be brave enough to look us in the eye and say so, instead of hiding behind your computer.

2.  Respond to this blog.  Tell us all why you are in the right.

Have a good evening.


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