Monday, April 15, 2013

The Aging Warrior and the Young Prize Fighter

Top of the late afternoon to all...

Last night, Jesse and I played 11 games of ping pong.  We have these marathons.  Over the last few months, his game has improved substantially.  He plays during free time at school against multiple opponents.  I only play against him.  As such, Jesse now wins most of the time.

Jesse and I have table rules.  Games are to 21.  The margin of victory must be two points, with game over at 25.  If we manage a score of 24-24, we stop play and shake hands.  It is a way of saying that there must be a winner, but we played this one equally.

In terms of raw skill, I can no longer beat him.  He is the better player.  It is clear to all that this is the case.

Nonetheless, it is not always easy for him.  He most certainly does not win every game.  I am often able to think even when I cannot match him otherwise.

Such was the case last night.  I out-thought him.  As a result, of those 11 games, I took six of them.

My arm is sore.  It is really sore.  I can lift it, but would really rather not.  I suppose aging is better than not aging.

Have a good evening.



  1. Ellen Kruger-BloomApril 16, 2013 at 9:46 PM

    I guess this means a high five is out of the question?

  2. When I was a kid my parents use to have a ping pong table and we played after dinner all the time. Dad and I won a trophy when we were on vacation one year. We made a great team.