Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Presidential Cabinet

Hi all...

As you are aware, I will likely write my own name in for the office of the President of the United States.  It has since dawned on me that I cannot just show up in Washington after winning without some sense of a cabinet.

Vice-President - my friend Chris from High School
Secretary of State - I am open to suggestions.
Department of Treasury - Warren Buffet
Department of Defense - VADM Al Konetzni, aka Big Al the Sailor's Pal
Department of Justice - My friend Betsy.  She is a lawyer in that department already.  She would not need a map to her new office.
Department of the Interior - whoever the director of the Nature Conservancy is.
Department of Agriculture - I do not know, but s/he should be outstanding in her/his field.
Department of Commerce - Mark Zuckerberg
Department of Labor - Someone who has worked for a living.
Department of Health and Human Services - Dr. House - do not tell me he is not real.
Department of Housing and Urban Development -  The guy who owns Home Depot
Department of Transportation - Mario Andretti
Department of Energy - My friend Rob from high school.  He works at Los Alamos.  They know from energy there.
Department of Education - Harper Lee
Department of Veterans' Affairs - my dad.  He is a veteran.  He gets it.
Department of Homeland Security - Mayor Rudy Guiliani

And my friend Patrick has asked to be king of Maine.

These nominations have not yet been sent to the Senate.  If anyone has any other ideas, I am open to listening.

I am going to listen to some of the Presidential debate, even though as a candidate, I should have been invited.  I even know where Hofstra university is.  The candidates are right across the street from Nassau Coliseum.  I hope that the debate and tonight's hockey game do not let out at the same time.  Oops...there is no hockey game.

Good night.


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