Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jennifer Wrote About Gandalf...

So I will write about Nora.

Gandalf is the size of a small gorilla.  He was weighed at the vet yesterday, coming in at over 15 pounds (around 7 kilograms).

Nora, as I have mentioned, is much lighter on her feet.  She can jump over the fence in the backyard.  She likes to sleep at my feet.

Jesse and I would like to know one thing.  Why is it that she likes to sit on the ping-pong table while he and I play?  She cannot hold a paddle.  She does not know how to keep score.  She does not even try to swat at the ball.  She just sits there.  We keep playing, to the best of our limited abilities.  She gets hit by the occasional ball.  There is no response.

If anyone can explain this, both Jesse and I would appreciate it.


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