Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ping Pong and Manhood Redux

Top of the evening everyone.

How do you know if you are male? Hypothetical situation: an alien planet sends a delegation to Earth. The delegation brings a gift. The gift is the cure for all of humanity's ills. Do you:

A. Take it to the UN
B. Take it to the Prime Minister
C. Take it apart

If you chose 'C', then you are likely male.

After Jesse and I put the ping pong table together, we noticed that the two halves were off from each other approximately two centimetres. It finally got to us. We figured that if we disconnected four braces underneath and moved the top over, the table would be even.

Oddly enough, we were right.

We spent about an hour doing this tonight. Again, Jesse took lead and really put in most of the elbow grease. He even put the two screwdrivers we used back in the toolbox.

On another note, one of my loyal followers has commented that I have become comfortable using the Canadian spelling of many words. Learning to use it has been easy. Learning to turn it off when I am on duty has been remarkably difficult.

Have a good night everyone.


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