Tuesday, April 3, 2012


After several weeks of saying "you-phone-'im", I finally called the piano man today. He is coming tomorrow to tune the piano. I hope he will mow the lawn also, but I do not expect that.

The piano is out of tune, badly. It has not been tuned in about five years. In that time, we have moved. Jennifer was keyed up about the whole thing. It was not quite so black and white for me. On a scale of 1-8, it was relatively minor. She thought it was major, even dominant, and refused to backpedal on getting it dealt with. Needless to say, this upped the tension an octave or two. Luckily, we are fairly in tune with each other, and we both know that violins never solved anything. Anyway, she was convincing. Her pitch did not fall flat. Since it is not always about mi, I called. I did not want her to be too strung out. That would be a bass thing to allow to happen.

Note to self: take the treble to keep the piano tuned. Otherwise, problems could come out of clef field. It is always better to settle the family fugue before it reaches a crescendo.

I have to get Bach to work...


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