Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life's Simple Pleasures

Over at least the last seven years, my ice cream consumption has been greatly limited. This is not by choice. I am lactose-intolerant. I am unable to digest the ice cream.

Jennifer was up at one of the higher-end ice cream places a few weeks back. I think she was getting a birthday cake for Jesse. Anyway, the ice cream parlour has a lactose-free ice cream. They only have one flavour at a time. I went in to order a pint. They package it by weight. It was strawberry-banana ice cream. The lady mixed in pistachios for me. She could not fit all of the ice cream into the container.

For the first time in close to a decade, I was able to have an ice cream cone from an ice cream parlour. I felt like I was eight years old. I will do that again. I will not do it often. Feeling like I am eight years old is entirely psychological. Being 42 is real.

I felt like I was eight years old. R/SCG

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  1. Hi Rabbi. Mazel tov on your ice cream! I'm glad to read such a happy story.

    I'm also glad to see that you, a born American who proudly serves in the US armed forces, have been indoctrinated into the correct Canadian spelling of "parlour" and "flavour." You're one of us now :)

    (I'm so proud of you that I won't even mention that you omitted "I" from your last sentence.)