Thursday, February 22, 2018

Carrying the Flag...

Top of the evening everyone...

It has been a while since I have written.  Much has happened.  I am still thinking through my response to Florida.

While I am thinking about that though, there was an informal survey on 680 News as to who should carry the Canadian flag at the closing ceremony of this years Olympics.  My initial instinct was the Virtue-Moir duet.  To carry the flag as they retire from professional skating after having brought so much to the country is an entirely appropriate honour.  Plus they are really cute together and the entire country hopes that they might become something more than skating partners.

But there are other folks who might do this also.  How about an athlete who went to the games but did not win a medal?  It would make a bold statement that this country is not just about those who succeed.  This country is also about those who work hard each and every day.  It is about those who try, do not succeed, and try again.

How about one of the coaches?  Those athletes did not just wake up able to do what they do.  They were taught.  They were coached.  Those coaches helped those athletes to reach the level of being able to compete in an international arena.

How about the person who went and made sure that all of the equipment was properly maintained and ready to use each day?  It would make the statement that this country understands that we do not achieve anything without the strong support of many unsung heroes.

How about the parents of one of the athletes?  I have made hundreds of trips up and down Bathurst St to produce the three black belts living in my home.  When we think of parents who had to work, put three meals on the table every day, and make sure that children got to 5:30 AM practices while also making sure that their kids kept their grades up, we should also realize that the success of these athletes started at home.

I offer my congratulations to all of the athletes, those who medaled, and those who did not.  I as well offer my congratulations to their parents, to their coaches, and to the otherwise invisible people who made their success possible.

Good night everyone.


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