Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting It Right 100% of the Time...

Top of the evening ladies and gentlemen...

Over the last several months, the US Government has twice failed to protect its citizens on its own soil.  You are aware that US Government computers were hacked a few months ago, with personal information on approximately 21 million people compromised.  I received an e-mail today stating that anyone who has undergone a security clearance check is likely amongst those whose information is in the hands of those who clearly think that there is some profit to be gained by having that information.  To answer your question: yes, I have undergone a security investigation over the last several years.

And now today...four US Marines and one US Sailor were murdered in Chattanooga.  The story is still developing.  I very much want to know how it happened.  Given that the attacker had taken aim at a recruiting centre seven miles away, I am at a loss to explain why NOSC (Navy Operational Support Center) Chattanooga was not immediately upgraded to Force Protection Condition Delta.  That is the level of force protection, with commensurate increased security, that all installations in the vicinity of an attack are supposed to set.  The Marines who were killed today either should have been in a safe spot or, if they were part of the security detail, should have been wearing body armor.

I am not going to point my finger at the US Government and say "j'accuse."  I believe not only in the government's desire to protect its citizens, but also its will.  The problem is this: the good guys cannot make a mistake - ever.  The bad guys only have to succeed once.

The bad guys have now succeeded, not once, but twice.  Four Marines and one Sailor are dead.  The lives of 21 million people may or may not need some revision.  We do well.  We need to do better.

I normally would sign off telling you all to have a good evening.  Instead...

Semper Fidelis.


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