Monday, January 5, 2015

Bounced Cheques...

Hi all...

Every year, I am required to do on-line trainings for the Navy.  I did several of them today.

One of the courses was on computer security.  As a short exercise, I had to look at five sheets of 'paper' and decide which could go to recycling and which had to go to the shredder.  One of the sheets of paper was a bank statement.  Obviously, that goes to the shredder.

The character who takes us through this on-line course is none other than Uncle Sam.  For you Canadians out there, he is this grandfatherly symbol of the United States.

I have done this course before.  It has not really been updated over the last couple of years.

This year, I looked closely at the bank statement.  The owner of the account was Uncle Sam.  His address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Again, for you Canadians out there, this is the address of the White House.

The bank statement started off with a balance of $0.55, and took in approximately $1450 in deposits over the month.  Cheques and withdrawals totaled approximately $1515.

I am forced to conclude that the White House is overdrawn.

I have been chuckling about this all day.

Did you all know that banking problems can affect my security clearance?  They can also affect any potential to deploy.  The reason is that those folks with banking problems are more susceptible to bribery than are those who manage to keep their finances in order.

I am still chuckling.


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