Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cutting the Mustard...

Top of the evening to all...

Pesach (Passover) is right around the corner.  As most of you are aware, it brings with it a whole bunch of food concerns.  One of those is mustard.

Many Jews of Eastern European descent do not eat real mustard at this time of year.  As such, it is often difficult to find, especially in the United States.  The rabbinate in the US has always been very Eastern European in its outlook and approach.  Instead, there is a mustard substitute.

I do not permit this mustard.  It is too expensive.  It is made with cottonseed oil, which is remarkably bad for you.  There is no need.

Luckily, I live in Canada.  Here, we can get real mustard, marked for Pesach.  A friend of mine and I both like to purchase it.  For starters, it is a wonderful, sinus-clearing, dijon mustard.  Beyond that, we can.  And last, I think both of us like to take any opportunity to snub an overzealous rabbinate run amok.

Have a good evening all.


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