Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Channeling Dad...

Top of the evening everyone...

Some years back, Gavi was walking through the house with a screwdriver.  It never really occurred to me to ask him why.  That was Gavi.  I told him to be sure to put the screwdriver back in the same spot in toolbox.  Yikes...that is precisely what Dad has said more times than he cares to count.

On Friday, the dryer decided to take a vacation.  In a house with five people, this can be a problem.  Worse, it was Good Friday.  Nothing was open.

On Sunday, google was open.  I was able to figure out that it was the door switch.  The dryer will not work if it thinks that the door is open.  It was, of course, Easter Sunday.

As it turns out, Sears is available even on Easter Sunday.  I ordered the correct part.  It came today.

So tonight, I took the dryer apart.  The problem is that for some dumb reason, I did not have a 1/4 inch socket.  I had to undo everything with a pair of pliers.  That is much slower.  Dad always told me to use the right tool for the right job.  He was right.  Anyhow, I got to the switch.  Jennifer was able to get her hands in to detach it in a way that I could not.  She also attached the new one.

I found the 1/4 inch socket in the nut driver box.  Putting the dryer back together was much faster as a result.  Dad was really right.

One thing Dad never told me: do not drop the ratchet and socket behind the dryer when putting it all back together.  I do not know why he did not tell me that.  I wish he had.

Oh well.  The dryer works.  I got the socket and ratchet out from behind the dryer and put all the tools back in their appointed place in the toolbox.  Lots of money was saved in not having a repairperson come to the house.

Have a good evening everyone.


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  1. Dad always use to tell me that anything worth doing is worth doing right. He's got lots of these gems to dispense.