Thursday, November 14, 2013

Accuracy in the Depiction of Family Dynamics...

Top of the evening all....

I was driving Gavi and Keren to school on Tuesday.  As we drove south, we saw the family stickers on the back of someone's windshield.  You know the stickers.  They are white.  They show a mom, a dad, the right number of kids, and perhaps a pet.  It is usually the idyllic family unit.

We started joking about what ours might look like.

The sticker depiction of a little girl is on the back of the sticker depiction of the father.  Why is she on the father's back?  Good question.  Knowing the little girl being depicted, it is likely that she jumped the father.

Why did a sweet, innocent daughter jump her father?  Let us naively assume the best.  She did this to protect one of her brothers.  Perhaps it is the older of the two brothers.  He is tucked under the father's left arm in a headlock.

Maybe she is trying to protect the sticker image of her other brother.  He is on the floor.  The father has one foot on his rear end.  How did he get that way?  I do not know.  Still, this is a depiction of the medium child.  It is unlikely that he was sliding into home plate.

That leaves the depiction of the mom.  The mom is off to one side.  In one hand, we see a camera dangling from her wrist.  Her head is leaning on her other hand in the classic look of frustration and disbelief.

Accuracy is important.

Have a good evening everyone.


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