Monday, July 1, 2013

Hanging Out with Gavi...

Top of the evening all...

Jesse is at camp.  Keren went to Montreal with a friend.  Gavi has both of his parents to himself.  On Thursday, we went to evening minyan, and then rode bicycles up to the kosher sushi restaurant a couple of kilometres from here.

On Shabbat, we played some ping pong.  Gavi also played scrabble with Jennifer.  He also had a long chat with Jennifer about Law, law, and custom.  He might actually wear a kippah from time to time.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.  I hope that we can go down to the City Island and ride bicycles.  We can pack a lunch.  There is a two-story spider web, the modern replacement to the monkey bars.  If the weather is not so cooperative, we will head either to the ROM or up to the Promenade for $5 Tuesdays at the movies.

We have also worked some on his Torah reading skills.

Gavi, as always, seems unfettered by gravity.  As well, watching his video game skills, I think he would make a superb Jedi.

Good night all.


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