Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Still Gives Me Chills

Hi all...

Jennifer and the kids are in New Jersey right now.  I took some time today to watch a couple of movies.  I first watched "Quantum of Solace," one of the recent James Bond movies.

Right now, I am watching "Casablanca."  I have seen this movie numerous times.  The scene in which everyone in the bar starts singing "La Marseillaise" still gives me chills.  It is a wonderful statement of resistance against encroaching evil.  After they finished filming the movie, they called Humphrey Bogart back in to shoot one tiny piece.  It is the part in that scene when he nods, telling the band to follow Lazlo's orders.

A debate developed out of the fact that it is known that I am watching this particular movie.  Your input is welcome.  Is this movie a "chick flick?"  What are your thoughts?

Have a good night.



  1. For the record, most of the people at my evening minyan, a mixed crowd, definitely thought that 'Casablanca' was not a chick flick. One person said that there were elements of both.


  2. No movie with Humphrey Bogart is a chick flick.