Monday, August 20, 2012

Lessons from the Lawn Mower

Hi all...

At the beginning of the summer, our lawn mower died.  I tried to be sad.  I could not.  The lawn mower never had any oomph to it.  On top of that, any money we might have saved purchasing an electric mower was probably wasted with the three heavy-duty extension cords that we mowed with the grass.

We replaced the lawn mower.  This one has power.

Anyway, I was cutting the grass a couple of weeks ago.  The chute that is there to eject the grass out the side came off.  It is a breakaway part.  The flap immediately closed.  I did not think too much about it.  I assumed that the grass would then go into the bag.  I toss that on the compost.  As well, my neighbour is very meticulous with his yard.  I did not wish to get in the way of the care he gives his lawn.  The grass shooting out the side of the lawn mower has to go somewhere.

While Jesse was mowing the lawn last week, it stopped.  He could not get it to restart.  I came home, and had no problem.  I started cutting the grass, and the same thing happened.  I tilted the lawn mower, and cleaned out the grass buildup from underneath.  It happened again, and again.  I started tilting the lawn mower in the air every time it sounded like it was about to stall.  It belched out grass each time.

It dawned on me that the piece that was on the side had the task of preventing grass buildup.

We learn several lessons here:

1.  Sometimes those around us tell us without words that there is a problem.  Listening involves more than our ears.

2.  Seemingly useless parts might have a function even if we cannot immediately recognize that function.

3.  Do not remove parts just because you do not like them.  They may be useful anyway.

Have a good evening.


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