Wednesday, August 29, 2012

But I Am Not Bitter...

Top of the evening all....

I have been going back to reread some of my earlier postings.  Having read them, I realize that you might draw the erroneous conclusion the Gorman marriage is the idyllic union.  Perhaps that is so, but it has not always been.

Let me tell you about two incidents that happened.  One of those incidents occurred before we had been married 24 hours.

I remember the wedding.  Wow.  It was a blast.  The band was never too loud.  They did not play any of the songs that I hear too often, but that should not be played at weddings*.  The food I got to taste was wonderful.  We had selected a chocolate wedding cake with fresh strawberries.  I got one bite of that cake, before being whisked away to shake hands with Uncle Max or whoever it was.

Due to an accident with bug spray, we had to go back to my in-laws' the next day to get some freshly-laundered clothing.  There, sitting on the table, resplendent in strawberry attire, was the top layer of our wedding cake.

Did you all know that there is a tradition of freezing the top layer of the wedding cake and enjoying it at the first anniversary?  I did not know that either.

I cut myself a piece of wedding cake.  For the life of me, I have no clue how both Jennifer and my mother-in-law heard me doing this, but they were in the kitchen before my fork was in the cake.  The piece of cake was put back.  The cake was wrapped.  We put it in the freezer at her aunt's house.

(Note passage of several years, moving, freezer burn, and so on).

I never saw my piece of wedding cake.

But I am not bitter.

The second event also took place during our first year of marriage.  I wanted to go to Turkey over winter break.  Jennifer insists that she was not taking a cruise from Haifa to Izmir on a deck chair.  Instead, she wanted to buy a painting.  It is a lovely painting.  I am staring at it even as I type.

But I am not bitter.

I am not bitter.  We laugh about it every few months.  Next year will be twenty years for us.  I am going to custom design our anniversary cake.  I wonder if I can do a Turkish chocolate-strawberry cake.


*I have heard "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" and "I Will Survive" at weddings.  Who thinks of this?


  1. You are too funny!! Neal and I fondly remember our wedding and we laugh at the fact that we never really got to eat anything at our wedding. Every time we went to sit down to eat we were whisked away to talk to guests and family. By the end of the night we hadn't eaten anything. One day I want to get the caterer to re-create the wedding dinner that we never got to eat. I did get to taste our wedding cake. It looked a whole lot better than it tasted. And now that I've been watching Cake Boss on TV I realize that we could improve on our original cake design. Just sayin'!

  2. Ellen Kruger-BloomAugust 30, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    You may not be bitter about your wedding, but Bob is certainly bitter about ours. You should ask him about it - if he launches into his tirade, it's a pretty good laugh.

  3. So Be bitter! I've got my own version of events on my own blog. So there.