Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like a Hole in My Head

Hi all...

I am sitting by the telephone right now. Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of New Jersey is supposed to call me back today. Thus far, they have not.

My in-laws have graciously agreed to purchase our car from us, allowing us the financial freedom and the circumstantial necessity to purchase a mini-van. Selling the car to them is a shockingly difficult feat.

When we moved up here, we were not informed that we had to export the vehicle from the United States. There is some logic to the requirement, as it is one way of preventing theft. In order to register the car in New Jersey, the car had to be re-imported into the United States. It is, however, rather difficult to re-import a vehicle that I never actually exported.

Anyway, I went to the border today. I exported the car from Canada after receiving assurance that they would allow me back in upon importing the vehicle to the US. Then I went to US Customs. After waiting about 90 minutes, the US decided to list the car as "US goods returning." In the mind of the agent, this eliminated the need for the otherwise-required permission slip from the EPA. In fact, the agent refused to give me the slip (could not resist).

New Jersey will not give my in-laws a new title without the appropriate slip from the EPA. Apparently, they will also not accept the ruling from the border agent that no paperwork is necessary.

As well, New Jersey wants all sorts of paperwork stating that the car meets US standards. However, all of this paperwork can only come from various sources to me, the present owner of the vehicle. My in-laws cannot get a new title without the paperwork made out to them. Neither can they receive the paperwork without a title in their name.

The car was sold to us in the United States. What I find humourous is that the car was made in Canada. It was then shipped to Westbury, NY. We acquired it. We brought it back to Canada. Now, we are sending it to New Jersey. If vehicles had feelings, this one would probably be wondering if it is welcome anywhere.

Have a less confusing day.


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