Tuesday, February 28, 2012

After All Is Said and Done

Top of the evening everyone...

So after all is said and done, more is usually said than done. In order to conclude dealing with the turnover of my vehicle to my in-laws, I called the good state of New Jersey again to explain to them that US Customs at the Lewiston crossing would not import my car, as it had never been exported. New Jersey put me on hold and called US Customs in Newark. Then they told me that I still needed those forms, as US Customs in Newark was very specific.

Aha...I got the number for US Customs in Newark and spoke with them. The people there said that all my in-laws had to do was bring the title and bill of sale/gift, and they would reimport the car. There was no problem at all. My in-laws then mailed the material to foreign titles at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. It is now possible that Jennifer is driving our car illegally. If the car is titled in New Jersey, then it is no longer titled in Canada, and we can no longer insure it with our Canadian insurer.

On the positive side, our buyer has found us a 2009 Toyota Sienna. I hope he found something in our price range. If not, I will likely have to sell a child.

Have a good night everyone.

Rav Sean

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  1. Do I/we get a say in which child must NOT get sold?