Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Suppose The Boys Do Grow Up

Hi all...

It is fascinating watching children. My sons have both been quite interesting lately. We will start with Jesse.

Jesse's reach has always far exceeded his grasp. This is often a challenge with overly intelligent children. It took years to teach him to ride a bicycle, as he was very afraid of massive trauma from falling. Technically, it could happen. It is unlikely. He reads too much non-fiction and believes what he reads.

I suppose one of the results of this reach and grasp issue is that after living in Canada for over six years, the young man still does not know how to use ice skates. All of the cajoling in the world did nothing to help. What finally worked? Well, as in many cases, cherchez la femme. In this case, la femme is his best friend's girlfriend. They have been friends for a long time. Jesse is the third wheel. She dragged him out on the ice last night. He did okay, despite being remarkably tentative. He did not fall. Apparently, there was also some bribery involved. One of his other friends owes him $1.25 for his having gone out on the ice.

It is also fun to watch him go to the bookstore. When announced, Jesse will grab every penny he has in the house. By the time the evening is over, he will have spent all of it, and borrowed a few dollars to come out of his next allowance. He will devour the books quickly. I wish we lived closer to a library.

Then there is his brother. Because of Gavi, we instituted a household rule as to the the maximum amount of money they are allowed to have in the safe. When trips to the bookstore are announced, Gavi will take $20 out of his cash and purchase one thing. He has likely identified that one thing before even getting to the store. Gavi asked me to give him his allowance for the year all at once. He would like to receive a salary (his word, not mine).

It is no small point of pride that they will choose the bookstore over the movie theatre, despite the two being right across the hall from each other at the mall.

And Gavi on skates....Gavi is teaching himself to skate. Last night, he was moving pretty well, never having taken a skating lesson. He has been teaching himself over the years that we have been up here. Anyway, Gavi's reach does not exceed his grasp. He knows the risks. He just does not care. That attitude pervades everything he does, and brought one of our friends to comment on the perceived size of his anatomy (thank you Patrick).

It is a delight to watch them go from boys to young men. I hope that I was half as cool as they are.

Go to sleep everyone.


P.S. Keren is in bed with strep right now. I will write about her another time.

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