Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Would Love to Say It's Been Quiet, But....

Hi all.

I have no clue what happened to the last month. The repairs we have needed on the outside of the house are in progress, but not yet complete. The kids are in the final weeks of school. That means multiple parties, early dismissals, exams, constant running around back and forth, and a general lack of time. Did I mention the short-fuse trip to Norfolk?

Shavuot went very well this year. We started the learning early, with the idea of being able to teach some of the people who would come with younger kids, but not be able to stay late. With the help of my wife and two friends, we ended up staying up until almost midnight learning at the shul.

Today was the Zareinu move-a-thon for the kids. They rode a great deal to raise money. As always, I am proud of them. It appears though that Gavi's rear brake cable is frayed. Rather than replace the cable (crucial), we will just get rid of the bicycle. I want to promote him to Jesse's bicycle this year anyway.

The cat is loud. She is sitting about seven feet from me. I can hear her purring.

It is 9:50 PM. I do not have much to accomplish this evening. I bid you all good night.

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