Sunday, May 13, 2018

Laws that Do Not Exist...

Top of the afternoon everyone...

When I was but a wee lad, my brother had a subscription to 'Mad' magazine.  This was back in the day when it was still good.  Besides the general stuff that was always in there, e.g. "Spy versus Spy" and "The Lighter Side of...," I only remember a couple of specific things from it.

The first thing I remember was the spoof on the animated film "The Hobbit," set to music.  One of the songs was song to Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind."  The lyric was 'how many days can a hobbit go on, when he's hungry and tired and hurt."

The other was about laws that do not exist but do not.  I only remember one of those laws, but am happy to add in another.  The one I would like to add is along the lines of...if you are having a really loud cell phone conversation on the bus, we all have the right to listen and comment.

The specific law that I remember is quite relevant in Ontario right now.  We are in the throes of an election right now.  The law from 'Mad' was that politicians were required to eat any campaign signs remaining in place more than three days after the election.  A good law that could be.

Have a great day everyone.  Vote carefully.


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  1. I fully agree with both of those laws. People talking loudly on a cell phone in public spaces is my pet peeve. I often watch students walking around campus fully engrossed in their cell phones and some actually bump into things. One girl actually bumped into a pole while texting. Wow!!! I wonder what could have been so important. Or the people who stand outside of my office window and carry on a very loud conversation. I'm usually the one that gets elected to go out and shoo them away.

    And the election signs up after the election bugs me too. I do believe though that a candidate is fined if their election sign is still up a week after the election.