Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Think I Saw Air Force 1...

Top of the evening to all...

I was at Andrews Air Force Base today.  That is where the President takes off and lands when traveling.

I had to get from one side of the base to the other after lunch.  So I started driving the perimeter road. It is impossible to go straight across, due to the fact that there is a big runway in the middle.

As I was getting ready to make the left turn that goes past the runway, there were several cars in front of me.  I could not figure out why no one was turning.  Cars lined up and lined up.  Apparently, there was an Airman holding up traffic.

We waited.  We waited some more.  More than two dozen cars had lined up behind me.  Then I saw it.

A big, beautiful 747 took off, winging gracefully towards the sky.  On its side was the American flag, as well as "United States of America."  It was clearly one of the 747's erroneously called Air Force 1. Why do I say that it is erroneously called that?  First of all, there are two of this aircraft.  Second, and far more importantly, it is only a plane.  It does not become Air Force 1 until the President is aboard.  As the White House is appropriately reluctant to announce the President's travel schedule, it could have been just a practice flight.  It turns out that he was headed to Florida.  I think I saw Air Force 1 today.

That was totally cool.

Have a good night.


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