Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Instincts and the GPS...

Top of the evening to all...

Over the last several months, I have been more and more reluctant to use my GPS.  I find that I am getting sick of it.  For the most part, the only reason I use it lately is for an ETA.  I usually know more or less where I am going.

Recently, my GPS and Waze have failed me.  Waze took me an extra exit, only to require a u-turn to get back to the exit I needed in the first place.  My GPS has also goofed, sending me down a side road that was not remotely paved.  When I got back to the highway and went the way I thought was right in the first place, it shortened the travel time.  I lost 30 minutes on a detour I should not have taken.

Reasons I do not like my GPS:

1.  I trust my instincts.
2.  I would like to maintain my instincts.
3.  My instincts tend to be right.
4.  I find both the picture and the voice disturbing.

My friends, the GPS and Waze instructions always tell you to look at a map before traveling.  You can bet I will do that henceforth.  I have been to too many places that I have not intended recently.

Have a good night.


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  1. I never use a GPS anymore. A while back my Mom, my sister-in-law, her Mom and myself went shopping in Buffalo. All went well getting to the Galleria, but when we went to leave the GPS told my Mom to go right when I knew we should go left to get back to the boarder. Nobody wanted to listen to me, instead listening to the GPS which took them almost to the next state before someone would listen to me that we were headed in the wrong direction. When we finally got to the boarder at midnight and the guard wanted to know what took us so long to get there, I explained that the GPS made a mistake and nobody would listen to me. He let us go with a great big smile and he said, in future don't listen to the GPS listen to the human.