Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My International Following...

Top of the afternoon to all...

From time to time, I report on this blog.  It is fun for me to know who is checking the blog from where.  I assume that it is fun for you.

There is more than I realized to seeing who is checking from where.  It is not just a matter of who is reading.  I am now being quoted.  That is interesting.

The latest is from the Connecticut Jewish Ledger.  In an interview, two professors (married to each other) quoted my blog entry about wearing orange from a couple of months ago.

I am flattered.  I also now have to be more careful (perhaps), about how I write things.  The quote in the article has a little bit of a sarcastic edge to it.

I was quoted on another website about three years ago.  The owner of that blog writes about marriage and divorce out in San Francisco.  I found out about that quote only a few months ago.

Have a good day everyone...


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