Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Partisanship of the Press....

Good evening everyone...

My father-in-law and I have an ongoing argument.  He reads CNN on line.  I go to Fox.  He is probably right.

So if he is probably right, why do I not go to CNN, or perhaps to MSNBC for the news?  The reason is that I used to do that.  I found though that the anti-Israel bias was too much for me to accept.  Fox is far more biased towards Israel.  Jennifer and I used to receive the Toronto Star.  We now receive the National Post.  The reason is the same - bias.

There is a greater question though.  What happened to just getting a straight reporting of facts from the news?  What happened to an editorial page that was more or less balanced?  It is a problem.  In the US, the news organizations on the left in the US believe that the President can do no wrong.  Those on the right - if the President donated a kidney to save a life, they would paint him as conniving for political reasons.  It makes it very difficult to figure out what is the reality on the ground.

The reason that this comes to mind now has to do with Hillary Clinton.  As you are all likely aware, she conducted State Department business on her private e-mail account.  We will ignore the fact that any correspondence from a member of the government in the performance of his/her job is a matter of public record.  That means that if the Secretary of State replies to an e-mail with 'LOL,' that response is a Freedom of Information Act concern.  To delete those e-mails is problematic.  To use a server that would require a subpoena for the information is also problematic.

I care, but people on the higher echelons of government can figure this out.

I have two e-mail accounts that are subject to the regulations concerning federal records.  Once upon a time, I used to communicate informally with the Navy via my personal e-mail account.  Then the Navy decided that that was no longer allowed.  Then the Navy decided to start enforcing the change.  One of my commanding officers sent me a nasty-gram about it after I persisted in using my personal e-mail account.

So my question is: why do I get in trouble for this and Hillary Clinton thus far does not?  The president's cabinet is on a far higher level than I am.  To enforce these regulations on some but not on others is lousy leadership.  Selective enforcement leads to selective obedience.

I started this blog entry with concern about bias in the press.  Would someone whose politics lie somewhere to left of the spectrum please offer me an answer?  I am certain that I am missing something.

Have a good evening.


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