Saturday, February 14, 2015

Global Warming...

Top of the evening to all...

I was half right.  I said that this winter would not be as bad as last winter.  The first half really was not.  The second half has been way too cold, and on average colder than last winter.

I am further aware of much of the discussion over the last several years about global warming.  I am not sure that I believe in it.  There is simply too much that we do not know.

That being said, I fully support the concept of global warming.  I would like to see a little bit of it.  I would like to see it Toronto.

(Sigh) extra layers again tomorrow.

Stay warm folks.



  1. A little global warming would be nice right about now!

  2. Global warming is a myth promoted by the neo-socialist cabal known as the Liberal Party, run by the Hair Apparent. That is why we need to get behind Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. A vote for Mr. Harper is a vote for Israel, the fight against terrorism, oil and natural gas development, jobs, hockey and beer. A vote for the Hair Apparent is a vote for disarmament, spotted owls, veils, obesity, and an influx of emotionally needy Americans from Buffalo looking for unpaid psychologists. So there!