Thursday, September 4, 2014

Days that Will Live in Infamy...

Top of the evening to all...

Hopefully, you recognize the original quote in the variation that is the title of this blog entry.  President Roosevelt made the original quote on December 8th, 1941.  It was in an address to Congress requesting a declaration of war against Japan the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Even though Hawaii was not yet a state, FDR understood the attack as an attack against the United States.

Why do I allude to that quote here?  It is here because the US has been egregiously attacked twice over the last few weeks.  You have all heard about the executions in Syria of the two American reporters.  They were executed for being American.  The executioner spoke in English, and blamed American policy for his actions.

The comparatively tiny scope of damage in the attacks (2 dead, as opposed to over 2300 at Pearl Harbor) should not take anything away from the national nature of the attack.  These murders were a declaration of war.  There will be more of them.

The President has said that the US will see to it that justice is served.  I hope he does not mean in a courtroom.  The people who did this will laugh the entire way to the maximum security prison in Colorado.  Justice should be served, up close and personal.  The damning evidence has already been delivered to us via youtube.

Air strikes are effective only in a limited manner.  There comes a point when there must be boots on the ground.  While the US military is probably a little tired right now after ten years in Iraq and in Afghanistan, I am certain that we stand ready to answer the nation's call.  I am certain that every Sailor, every Marine, every Soldier, and every Airman is prepared to help deliver that justice.

Combat operations require a clear mission.  They require the right equipment.  They require overwhelming force.  And frankly, they require a steely, angry glint in the eye of the troops.

There is little use in sitting down to negotiate with people who have no desire to talk.  Building a coalition is lovely.  Still, there comes a point when one must act.  Failure to do so in a timely manner reflects a lack of resolve, and will only invite more of this violence.

Somehow, we missed on the ounce of prevention.  I hate to sound like a warmonger, but it is time to deliver the pound of cure - emphatically.


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