Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Mayor and Rehab...

Top of the evening everyone...

The mayor's brother reported today that the mayor may be back on the job in four-five weeks.  I have some concerns.

It is possible that a man who said that 'rehab is great' might not be getting the full benefits.

As well, he just loaned his car to someone who got pulled over for a DUI.  It suggests to me that he has not shifted his circle of friends to a more appropriate crowd.  The mayor has been heard to say, correctly, that he is the mayor for all Torontonians.  That does not mean that he has to be friends with all Torontonians.  That does not mean that he must spend his free time with some of the dregs of society.  Failure to shift his circle of friends to people who will discourage his continued addictive behaviour will only lead him back down a dark path.

These two points need attention.

I hope further that the rehab centre is also teaching him the after-plan, in which he learns how to avoid his triggers and in which he attends meetings with addicts (heck, the people who go to AA meetings are also Torontonians).

There are numerous good reasons that addicts are taught to think of themselves as addicts forever.  To see oneself in that light means that the recovering addict will always be careful about threats to the recovery.

I wish him all good health and recovery.

Good night.



  1. I have very serious doubts that Mayor Ford is actually in rehab in the first place. Call me a skeptic, but I think he is just up at the cottage while his "friends" figure out a way to control the damage he's done to his re-election plans. When one is in rehab they have to earn privileges. In his first week off drugs and alcohol he will not think that rehab is a wonderful place as he will be busy detoxing. Detoxing is not fun, especially with all that was in his system. His first week there will be a living hell. If he's having a good time then something is wrong. He's also been seen out and about in cottage country many times. He was alone. If you are out on a pass you are out with someone. Does anyone know where he spent his birthday? A bar! I think personally think he's going to come back to be the same complete embarassment to the city he was before? So I have to ask, is there anyone left in Ford Nation who still wants to vote for him? If so give your head a great big shake and ask yourself this.....should you really be allowed to cast a vote?

    1. Apparently, the rehab centre in Muskoka confirmed that he is a resident there. That being said, I agree with you entirely. What I said about avoiding triggers stands. Going to a bar, even if the habits he has thus far learned are working, is the key ingredient to a recipe for disaster.