Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Perplexing Questions...

Top of the evening to all....

I swept some of the house last night.  I try not to do it all at once.  It is more than I can handle.

Within a couple of days, the stairs to the basement will again be covered with dust-bunnies.  Alas, I will have to sweep again.

I am trying to figure out the following quandary, the implications of which are frankly astounding.

Are dust bunnies just dust, subject to gravity just like the rest of us?  Alternatively, given their presence everywhere, are they an actual species (Latin: lepus domesticus shmutzus), preferring the cooler parts of the house?

I will have difficulty sleeping tonight.



  1. So if you can't sleep - sweep. It's only a difference of one letter. :-)

  2. We deal with our dust bunnies....(and lately budgie feathers from a bird who has decided to shed feathers off season) via the Swiffer and then the vacuum cleaner. The Swiffer doesn't pick up the feathers. I once heard that dust bunnies were made up of dust and other various household stuff (hair, crumbs, etc.). Don't think about it before you sleep or you may have nightmares of the dust bunnies coming to life.