Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Whine of the Engine

Hi all...

Last December, the Gorman family traveled to New Jersey.  We were in a sedan.  Sedans seat five people.  It is no fun though to be that fifth person.  It was a good little car, but it seemed not to grow as the kids did.  The last couple of trips had been rough.  People were cranky. 

As we got into the car, I told everyone that we each had to pick a whine.  If someone had a complaint, it had to be versed in that whine.  Everyone else had to follow up immediately with his/her own whine.  You could not change your particular whine without consent of the other folks in the car.  I do not remember all the whines.  Jesse's was "we need a bigger car."

We got a bigger car.  I love mini-vans.  They have space.

We did it again for our last trip.  My whine was "we should have left two hours ago."  Jennifer's was "I hate kids."  Keren would then say "Gavi and Jesse are annoying me."  Jesse's was "I am only allowed to have one complaint."  Gavi's was "I have a nosebleed."

It made all of the complaining very funny.

Have a good day.


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