Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Tail of Two Kitties

We have two cats.

Our younger cat is Gandalf. He is mostly grey, with a little white ring around his tail. Gandalf is large. He is probably a tad overweight, but is a big boy in any event. He likes to have me pick him up. He lays himself across my shoulder, and is content to be held like that for hours. He usually sleeps with Keren, but has been known to be in any of the beds throughout any given evening (what a floozy). In the morning, he goes room to room with me to help wake everyone up for school.

Then there is Nora. She is about seven years old. Nora is black and white. She is named after a friend of Keren's from junior kindergarten. Nora is graceful. She will often jump up to the banister at the top of the steps and relax there.

We put up a new fence last year. Now, when we are outside, we let the cats come out in the backyard with us. The fence is six feet tall.

Last summer, we failed to fill in carefully around the base of the fence. I found Gandalf happily exploring the neighbour's garage. I filled in the hole. We have had no problems. He is simply too large to consider the rather substantial jump. I thought it was also too high for Nora. It would appear I was wrong.

Today, we had a problem. Nora is graceful, as I mentioned. Nora can jump. Nora was walking along the top of the fence. Then she jumped into our backyard neighbour's yard. I went around. As I caught her, she was getting ready to jump from the ground up to the fence to go back home. I put her up. She jumped down on the other side.

This will make cat ownership more challenging. It will be too difficult to keep an eye on her if we are actually working in the backyard. On the other hand, big Gandalf should not have to suffer being stuck in the house just because his friend is a little too light on her feet.

This is naturally giving me paws for concern.

Good night everyone.


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