Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Specific Title

So just for the record, it is possible. It is possible to have a complete Rosh HaShanah service, accomplish all of the requirements, and still be home in time for lunch. We started at 8:30 on both days. 1st day, we finished at 12:25. On 2nd day, we were done by 12:10.

I do not understand why people do it. The three days of the year that the liturgy is most difficult to decipher, people come to services to hear the cantor chant said liturgy in tunes that are often only used during those three days. No, thank you.

While I am not bragging about the finish time, there is a point to be made. The point is not to drag out that which does not require it. Services can be completed, in a reasonable amount of time, in a manner that is enjoyable, and in such a way that all of the requirements are met or exceeded.

Maybe I am bragging a little.

Have a good day everyone.

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