Thursday, December 30, 2010

Musings and Amusings

Hi Everyone. I have not written in a while. It has been slow around here. The US Government goes into holiday routine for the two weeks around some holiday other than Hannukah. That means we work half days. It also means that as I type this blog, it is Thursday evening, and we are about to go into what is called a Marine Corps 96. We do not have to be in our offices for 96 hours - really Tuesday morning. I love the Marine Corps 96. I have no clue why the Army and the Navy have not adopted it.

I must thank Jennifer for giving me the credit on purchasing the ring. I guess that I did so, in a roundabout way. I am the only one with an income right now. She ordered it. It lends a certain irony very appropriate to that ring. I must tell you further that it is hilarious that she does not react to the alarm clock quickly. A few years back, we agreed that I would take my day off and sleep in. She would get the little people out the door. Great! The radio alarm goes off...and nothing happens. The morning went downhill from there. It was really quite funny to watch.

I have to move tomorrow. They have been renovating the bottom floor of the lodge where I am staying. They have finished, and now wish to do the top floor. I have to move downstairs. This is not all bad. It gives me a chance to pack up all of my stuff. I need the practice. I am blessed with a bride who is capable of packing the contents of an 18-wheeler into a volkswagen. I, on the other hand, have difficulty packing the contents of the volkswagen into the 18-wheeler. As such, this evening, I am commencing 'Operation Rolling Suitcase.' Naturally, I must start this process by blogging. I thought ahead on this. My orders permit me extra baggage. I have to write that into the orders request, but it always gets approved. I should write in a request for a new car. I wonder what would happen.

Anyway, December 25th has past. This is really good news. Do you know why it is good news? It means that the exceedingly large Hershey bars with the winter imagery (snow-women and frosty trees), you know, the ones people like to hang in their socks while they dry over the fire, and melt the chocolate, are marked down to $0.40. The same holds for the Hershey kisses. I have stocked up. I need vegetables tomorrow. As such, I will likely purchase a few more. Did I mention I miss Jennifer? Oddly, some of the chocolate has specific Christmas imagery on the front. I did not buy that. I wonder though what I would have done if that had been the only option. I must confess that I like chocolate enough that the price and the hekhsher probably would have been sufficient.

You will all be glad to know that I did not get arrested for breaking and entering. I locked my key in my room yesterday. The front desk here is not staffed all night. If we need to get in, they bill us $20, and call someone back in. I discovered months ago that I could just lift the metal sliding gate from the counter, climb in, and get one of the keys. Yesterday, that sliding gate was locked. I went outside and on a whim tried the sliding window into the office. The lady who normally works there had forgotten to lock it. I got a key. You can fill in the details. I also locked the window.

The first step in 'Operation Rolling Suitcase' is in progress. I have to put the laundry in the dryer.

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